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IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY...                         


Artists and schoolchildren from across the Forest of Dean have been embellishing a unique flock of life-size fibreglass sheep; called Sheepscape an art installation run by Arts in Rural Gloucestershire in the Forest of Dean based on the Cow Parade format. This is my effort titled “Hello Dolly”.    

“Hello Dolly” speaks for herself…

… a response to what we sanction scientists, food producers and multinational conglomerates to execute i.e., the genetic modification of animals (transgenic animals) and what we permit these self-same groups to add to the foodstuffs in the food chain – what we put in our mouths…

…all in the name of progress!   

Hello Dolly at Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Hello Dolly at Nature in Art Twigworth Gloucester Hello Dolly at Nature in Art Twigworth Gloucester